Project Description
ediFabric is a .NET library to convert EDI documents into typed .NET objects and vice verse.
It can serialize\deserialize to\from XML.

ediFabric is distributed as a Visual Studio 2010 solution and a set of EDI definitions in the form of C# files. All EDI definitions are classes describing the messages, segments and elements of both EDIFACT and X12 formats, and cover most of the versions in use. All classes are generated using Xsd2Code from the set of xsd schemas, which is also included in the package.

To start using it, simply pick up the file containing the classes for the version and type you want to convert, add it to the solution, rebuild it and add a reference to it in your project. It is really that easy - just a project reference and off you go.

Wondering what to do if your EDI messages are non-standard ? That's absolutely fine as ediFabric gives you the flexibility to create and use your own definitions. You simply handcraft them following a few basic rules and will happily support every custom format within minutes.

All definitions are based on ISO/TS 20625.

ediFabric supports the following EDI versions:
EDIFACT D93A D94A D94B D95A D95B D96A D96B D97A D97B D98A D98B D99A D99B D00A D00B D01A D01B D01C D02A D02B D03A D03B D04A D04B D05A D05B D06A D06B D07A D07B D08A D08B D09A D09B D10A D10B
X12 002040 003010 003020 003030 003040 003050 003060 003070 004010 004020 004030 004040 004050 005010 005020 005030 005040 005050 006010 006020 006030



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