One reference to bring them in, One line to parse them,
One framework to find them all and in object bind them

Now supporting HIPAA!

ediFabric is a .NET library (.dll) to convert EDI documents to .NET objects (or XML) and vice verse. EDI document rules are represented as .NET classes. There is one class (.cs file) per every EDI message type.

The classes are based on ISO/TS 20625 and can be either handcrafted by following a few simple rules (PDF) or purchased as a package. Every package contains all xsd files (used for validation) per EDI version and an executable file for generating the classes out of the xsd files. 

  • Buy X12 packages or try the sample 002040 package (ZIP)
  • Buy Edifact packages or try the sample D93A package (ZIP)
  • Buy Hipaa packages

This is the core version of the parsing framework and new features are added irregularly. I don't support a road map for the product.
You can request a feature or additional format here.

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