One reference to bring them in, One line to parse them,
One framework to find them all and in object bind them

ediFabric is a better way to:

  • Parse and validate EDI documents to .NET objects or XML and vice verse. All you need to start with is a project reference and a line of code.

  • Manage or extend EDI formats. We offer classes and XSD for most of the X12, EDIFACT and HIPAA versions or you can handcraft your own.

  • Deliver value by alleviating the obscurity of EDI. This way you can carry on with your other tasks and do what you do best.

This project has migrated to GitHub, however I will still maintain the discussions and releases pages. The latest code\issues are now solely on GitHub though, please find the repository at

For additional information or to purchase classes\xsd, please visit us at

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