One reference to bring them in, One line to parse them,
One framework to find them all and in object bind them

ediFabric is a better way to:

  • Parse and validate EDI documents to .NET objects or XML and vice verse. All you need to start with is a project reference and a line of code.

  • Manage or extend EDI formats. We offer classes and XSD for most of the X12, EDIFACT and HIPAA versions or you can handcraft your own.

  • Deliver value by alleviating the obscurity of EDI. This way you can carry on with your other tasks and do what you do best.

ediFabric is as simple as a single .NET assembly with ~1000 lines of code. It uses C# classes to define every EDI transaction set. For example EDIFACT INVOIC will have a class named INVOIC.cs.

These classes are used as parsing grammar by the framework. In order to be able to parse a transaction set, the corresponding class must be included.

A guide on how to handcraft a transaction set class can be downloaded from here.

You can purchase translation packages here:

For sample usage, deployment instructions and documentation please go here.

This project has migrated to GitHub - you can find it here. This wiki will not be maintained.

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